Business Knowledge: The Best Weapon Against Poverty

Poverty has been the object of millions of articles and billions of actions across the Globe. Yet, no one has come out with a final solution to the problem which billions of people on Earth suffer from.

We at The WOHAOO Initiative, we are proud to humbly announce that a final solution has finally been found: it is business knowledge. Does this mean that we should send 5 billions people to business schools in order to get them out of poverty? Certainly not. Even going to top business schools does not guarantee the acquisition of the proper knowledge of business.

Populations suffering from poverty need to acquire the simple, yet practical, business knowledge that they can use to make the World around them a better place: a business knowledge, striped of all the unnecessary speculations on business "strategy" and the like. The business knowledge that is changing the World, today, is about doing "good"; not in the religious sense; but doing good in the sense of creating new and better user experiences. This kind of business, although it has existed for thousand of years now, has a name: it is Social Entrepreneurship.

At The WOHAOO Initiative, a social enterprise incubator in Cameroon, every participant first go through a twelve days training in Social Entrepreneurship. At the end of the training, the participant receives a certificate (lust like Mr Boulga in the picture above), which then gives him or her access to the next stage of the process: funding. Thus business knowledge gets another purpose, that of a financial collateral.


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