NUTRIMAX: A Superfood Against a Super-tragedy

With the increased desertification of the North Cameroon, farming is becoming increasingly difficult and therefore agricultural products are becoming more expensive on the local Markets. In the meantime, the average revenue of the population of Ngaoundéré has not increased. This dual situation (rising cost of food and reduction in purchasing power) has led many families in the town of Ngaoundéré to reduce their daily food ration. As a result of this strategy, small children, that constitute more than 40% of the population, are more and more undernourished.
The target audience of the NUTRIMAX project is made up of the small children (aged between 3 and 12 years old) of the town of Ngaoundéré. Later (two to three years from now), we expect the project to be extended to other towns of Cameroon (especially in the desert-threaten North).

The ambition of the Project NUTRIMAX is to provide affordable food supplements to the young children aged between 3 and 12 years old in the town of Ngaoundéré. Studies have shown that people in the Northern part of Cameroon (where Ngaoundéré is located) are generally malnourished. Their daily meals usually consist of some local fufu (cassava or maize couscous) with gumbo sauce. 

The Project has received a $1,000 grant from The Pollination Project (TPP).

Since its launch, The NUTRIMAX project has gone through a number of milestones:
-the first greenhouse has been set up
-the first moringa trees are being grown

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